Freedom Of Information Request


Ronald J. Gardiner, Village President

Sandra M. Washington, Village Clerk



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All persons seeking records from the Village of Glenwood are encouraged to check the Village’s website: The Village’s website contains numerous documents such as the Village’s ordinances, agendas, minutes and other documents that are immediately available for immediate download.

Persons seeking to obtain documents and records pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act may do so by filing a written request. The request does not have to be on any particular form; however, the Village does have forms available for this purpose that can be obtained from the Village.  All requests for records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act should be made to the Village’s Freedom of Information Act Officer. Given the limited Village staff and resources, FOIA requests cannot be immediately responded to but will be addressed pursuant to the timelines in the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Upon written request, records stored by means of electronic data processing will be provided in a printed format that is comprehensible to a person lacking knowledge of computer language or computer print-out formats.


The following is a list of the types or categories of the public records which are under the Village of Glenwood’s  control:

 A. Meeting Minutes that have been approved  and Agendas

 B. Ordinance and Resolutions

C. Contracts and Leases

D. Correspondence and other written communications

E. Building and other types of permits issued by the Village

F. Liquor Licenses, Business Licenses and other types of licenses issued by the Village

G. Inspection Reports

H. License Applications and related materials

I. Permit Applications and related materials

J. Water Billing Information

K. Vehicle Sticker Information

L. Zoning Applications and related materials

M. Legal and other notices issued by the Village

N. Records relating to expenditures made and revenue received by the Village, including invoices, purchase orders, and checks

O. Records relating to personnel employed by the Village

P. Tax increment Financing Area Redevelopment Plan and other documents relating to the Village’s Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Project Areas

Q. Maps

R. Audits and other financial statements and reports

S. Comprehensive Plan and other planning documents

T. Plats

U. Police and Fire  Department Response and Call Reports, including accident reports, incident reports, fire reports and statistical reports

 V. Records relating to the Village’s Administrative Adjudication of Ordinance Violations

W. Other documents and records relating to the operation and administration of the Village

All the above categories of records may be withheld based upon the numerous categories of exemptions set forth in the Freedom of Information Act when applicable. It is also possible that certain information from a record may be redacted  in compliance with the exemption provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. 

The Village reserves the right to charge a fee to recover its actual cost of copying records requested pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. The most commonly applicable fees are as follows:

A. For black and white copies that are letter or legal size for documents that can be Copied using the equipment in the Village’s Administrative Offices, there is no fee for the first fifty (50) pages or sheets. After the first fifty pages or sheets, the fee is $.15 per sheet or page.

B. For color copies and copies that are not letter or legal size the fee is the actual cost of copying the document.

C. The fee for certification of a document is $1.00 per document.

D. If a document cannot be copied using equipment in the Village’s Administrative Offices, the fee is the actual cost incurred in having the document copied by a Copying service or other entity.

E. The fee for electronic copies: Actual cost of the recording medium (CD, tape, disk, DVD) on which copies are provided.

 F. Postage or other cost of having documents delivered to person making the request.

G. Other fees as set forth in the Freedom of Information Act as applicable.

 If a fee for copies is set by state statute, the statutory fee shall apply.

The Village’s Freedom of Information Officers are:


Carolyn Wiliamson, One Asselborn Way, Glenwood, Illinois.