Economic Development

The Village of Glenwood offers a number of attractive incentives that help create healthy businesses.  New, as well as established businesses, reap the benefits of the Village's economic development program.  Our Village offers Tax Increment Finance (TIF), real estate and sales tax abatements, low cost finance, job training and other economic development incentives.  For more than 100 years, Glenwood has encouraged development and expansion of commercial and industrial enterprise.  Today Glenwood is committed to a vibrant economic environment that fosters business growth. 

The Village of Glenwood has been, and will always continue to be, committed to economic development.  We seek, welcome and appreciate our business and industrial citizens.  We understand the needs of business and will tailor a package of economic incentives to assist with their development and expansion in Glenwood.  Our community understands business.

Today, Glenwood is a village of 9,000 that continues to enjoy healthy partnerships with business and industry.  Our village government is committed to enhancing the quality of life for residents while nurturing opportunities for growth in our local economy.

There are seven Tax Increment Finance Redevelopment Districts located in the Village of Glenwood.  These districts include commercial, office, and industrial properties. Click HERE to  learn more about TIF.

Eligibility applications for the following classes; Class 6b, Class 8, and Class C can be obtained HERE.

The Village of Glenwood provides real estate abatements to business and industries who construct new facilities, expand and/or substantially renovate existing buildings.  Sales tax abatements are also available to qualified retailers.

The Village of Glenwood, in cooperation with Cook County, provides real estate abatements for commercial and industrial properties.  These incentives include lower assessments on qualified properties.

As a home-rule municipality, the Village of Glenwood can allocate Industrial Revenue Bonds for manufacturers.  These funds can be used for land, construction and equipment costs.

The Village of Glenwood works closely with federal and state employment agencies to provide training funds for local business and industries.

The Village of Glenwood has adopted a new land-use comprehensive plan and sub-area plans which are "developer friendly".

For more information about area businesses and economic opportunities, visit the Homewood Area Chamber of Commerce or call them at 708-206-3384
2023 Meetings :
February 28, 2023 @ 6:00 p.m.