The Nicor Pipeline Marker Program

The Nicor Gas Pipeline Marker Program:

  • Nicor Gas is in the process of installing pipeline markers in all required areas of its service territory.
  • These new pipeline markers are necessary for the safety of the public and are required by federal regulations.
  • If a concern should arise regarding the location of a pipeline marker, Nicor Gas will review for placement at an alternate location - if possible.

A copy of our current program information sheet is located at the bottom of this page

Why is this necessary?

  • When excavators work around buried pipelines, there is a risk that they may damage underground gas lines. This causes potentially dangerous situations and costly repairs. Nicor Gas is able to indicate the presence of buried gas pipelines by demarcating our pipelines with pipeline markers.
  • While it is law for excavators to call 811 to have utility lines marked in advance of an excavation, the pipeline markers are intended to act as an additional reminder to excavators working in areas that may not appear to have buried pipelines.