Yardwaste pick-up programs

Yard waste season is April 1st-November 30th. Yard waste should be placed in brown paper yard waste bags with a yard waste sticker attached to each bag (unless the date falls during the "Branch Pick-Up Program" or "Leaf Pick-Up Program".  

Yard waste stickers can be purchased in Glenwood at the following locations:
- Glenwood Village Hall, One Asselborn Way, Glenwood, IL 60425
- Glenwood Amstar,  18659 Halsted Street, Glenwood, IL 60425
- Save Quick Mart, Inc., 274 W. School Street, Glenwood, IL 60425

Any home that needs yard waste picked-up after November 30th will need to call Homewood Disposal at 708-798-1004 before bags are placed at curb