Alarm Registration

The Village Board has approved an ordinance requiring a permit for an alarm system installed in a home or place of business.  This permit provides the Police Department with the name and address of an alarm system owner and up to three key-holders for the address. The intention of this new ordinance is to reduce the increasing number of false alarms to which police respond as well as to obtain data about all alarm systems in the community.
"False alarms tie up police personnel and can divert help from an actual emergency," says  Kevin Welsh, Director of Public Safety.  The ordinance stipulates that after three false alarms, police will issue a citation to the owner of the property.  Fines for violation of this ordinance range from $50.00 to $500.00.
Please call the Fire Department at 708-753-2440 with any questions, concerns, or comments.
All alarms in the Village must be registered annually. There is NO FEE for residential alarms registration. 
1) E-mail registration to
2) Mail application to Glenwood Village Hall, One Asselborn Way, Glenwood, IL 60425
3) At Glenwood Village Hall, Glenwood Police Station or at Glenwood Fire Station