Building permits are required for almost all construction, alterations or repairs made to any property or structure in the Village. If you are not sure that a permit is required, please call the Building Department at (708) 753-2416 and ask the secretary or an inspector. All contractors/contracting companies wishing to do work in the Village MUST register to do work in the Village of Glenwood.

The term contractor does not include: (1) plumbers that are licensed by the State of Illinois, they will have to apply for a license, but the fee is waived, (2) service companies, (3) rug cleaning companies, (4) pest control companies.




Garage Sale Permit Attached & Detached Garage
Commercial Building Permit    Swimming Pool 
Residential Building Permit Shed Requirements 
Roofing Permit Sidewalk Specifications 
Plumbing Permit Driveway Replacement 
Electrical Permit Fence Requirements 
Demolition Permit Unenclosed Concrete Patio 
Sign Permit Deck & Porch Requirements 
   Temporary Sign Permit  Residential Remodeling 


No fees and no permits shall be required for any work involving: (1) lawn and gardening; (2) painting (interior and exterior); (3) power washing; (4) replacement of entry doors; or (5) the installation of a satellite dish. All other construction, replacement or repair will need to have a permit issued.
Sec. 22-84. - Building department fees.