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The former site of the Glenwood Plaza at our front door along Halsted Street is about to “Rise from the Ruins” Most of you know that this has been a long painful process to get to this point. The Village Board has awarded a Redevelopment Agreement to Ralph Edgar and J Wynsma Properties for the development of this asset. 

I would like to announce that the new name for this development shall be “Lincoln Crossings”! This name change depicts our rich history with the family of President Lincoln while showcasing the pinnacle of what once was property of the Glenwood School For Boys, currently the Glenwood Academy. The project area will be identified with modern signage, lush plantings and attractive lighting. Arts and statues will dot the development area as well. 

Planning to this point shows an aggressive development schedule to include a multitude of businesses and no additional units of residence. I ask that you watch this project move swiftly forward but with a keen eye to how we can support the businesses that locate there to assure that they are successful. We are working hard with Mr. Edgar and Wynsma to attract businesses that you have expressed an interest in and we will need to patronize them to make sure they stay.

-Mayor Gardiner