Property Maintenance Guidelines

The safety of you, your family, friends, and the general public is one of the concerns of the Building Department. The Village has adopted the 2003 Property Maintenance Code which requires owners of all properties to maintain the property and dwelling in a safe, secure and sanitary condition. This applies to the interior and exterior of every existing structure or vacant property. Maintaining your property is the best investment that you have. Your property is an investment that in the future years you should profit by not letting yours or your neighbors' property become an eye sore to the community. To insure that safe and sanitary conditions are maintained in your community you have the right to report any code violations that you observe.

Grass and/or weeds must not exceed six (6) inches in height. If you are given a warning notice you will have three (3) days to comply with the Village ordinance. Leaves on your property in the fall must be picked up, bagged and tagged for garbage collection or they can be dropped off at the Village Public Works garage when the notices are posted by Public Works Department.

All buildings/dwellings must have approved address identification numbers attached to the structure and be plainly legible from the street or road fronting the property. These numbers must be a minimum of at least four (4) inches in height, have a ½ inch profile, Arabic style and contrast their background.

Fences must be structurally sound, not leaning, maintained in good repair and be attractively finished on both sides. Barbed wire, razor wire or electric fences are not permitted in residential areas. Fences cannot be built back to back but must have a two (2) foot distance between them and all ground areas around and between the fence must be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.

In residential areas all rubbish, trash, junk, discarded items, and litter must not be stored on the property. Rubbish/garbage for collection can be set out the evening prior to the assigned pick-up day. Rubbish/garbage will have to be removed immediately upon given notice from the Building Department if set out too early or left out for collection after the scheduled collection day. All rubbish/garbage must be placed in tight fitting containers or in closed plastic garbage bags no more than 39 gallon capacity and sealed tight.

All exterior surfaces, including siding, fascia boards, windows, doors, decks, porches, and all other exterior wood, plastic or metal surfaces must be free from peeling, chipping and cracking and must have a protective treatment (paint or stain) applied to the surface to prevent decay and rotting.

The roof shingles and any roof flashing must be maintained in good repair, a tight condition and free from any deterioration, curling that could lead to leakage and defects that could admit rain into the structure. If you notice that you roof shingles are curling, have a certified roofing contractor inspect your roof to insure the condition of your roof shingles.

All roof drainage, gutters and downspouts shall be maintained in good and sound condition free from any and all obstructions. Roof drainage water must not be discharged in any manner that creates a public nuisance.

Swimming Pools shall be maintained in a clean, sanitary condition free from debris and unconditioned water. All structures surrounding pools must be in a safe and sound condition. All pools require that they have one (1) entrance. If the entrance is a deck with a gate, it must be self-latching and if the entrance is a single ladder it must be able to be put in an unusable position. All premises having outdoor swimming pools must have a minimum of a four (4) foot fence surrounding the yard. All swimming pools shall be inspected on a yearly basis.

Vehicles shall not be repaired, repainted or stored on any residential property. Vehicles parked on all properties must have a legal registration and be in good working condition. Vehicles, (autos, boats, trailers and recreational campers), must be parked on an approved hard surface and not on grass or weeds.

These are some of the Ordinances and Codes of the Village, if you have any questions please call the Building Department at 708-753-2316 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Several documents outlining additional property maintenance guidelines can be found here.