Mayor's Message - Spring 2014


State of Glenwood

The new property tax bill shows the resident the amount of debt without an explanation for it. The following is a brief description of our debt. Prior to the reissuance of the Bonds to acquire Glenwoodie and the construction of the Village Hall, Glenwood was relatively debt free. We had a bond for sewer system repairs that has since been retired.


Glenwoodie   2010C          1995, original bond $6,125,000.00 (scheduled to be retired

                                                in 2021)

Village Hall   2010B            1999, original bond $3,355,000.00 (scheduled to be retired

                                                in 2015)

BABS   2010A                      $9.1 million new debt in 2010         (scheduled to be retired

                                                in 2028)


The refinancing of the bonds for the Village Hall and the Glenwoodie purchase saved $650,000.00 in interest.

The Federal Government created a mechanism to promote job growth and improve infrastructure called Build America Bonds (BABS) and the Village participated to do

the following work:

Public Works

We have an aging infrastructure. Our challenge is to cost effectively maintain and replace those portions of it that fail. We have been very aggressive in identifying deficiencies and correcting them in a timely manner. But the infrastructure needed to

be examined closely because of its age and design.


The sewer system was televised and cleaned to aid in identifying deficiencies. We have since undertaken numerous projects to reduce the effluent we produce but based on new laws in Illinois, will be required to do much more to improve the system and reduce the quantity of waste water.


The cost of water wholesale has escalated in the last year and there is no relief in sight. We have inspected the system to identify new leaks and are currently looking to replace those sections of water main that have the most patches during the next two years.


Our roads are holding up based on the work done over the past 4 years, but spring will come and I guarantee you will see a fresh new harvest of potholes. We will work to identify and resurface additional roads as funds are available. 


Quality of life equates to the amenities a Village provides and Glenwoodie is a resource we will continue to utilize with residents of all ages. The Board’s decision to construct a new clubhouse facility was undertaken to close the revenue gap that existed at Glenwoodie. As of today, the facility is increasing revenue, but due to the cost of construction is still a financial liability.


Our parks have not seen a major renovation since they were built with the exception of new playground equipment. It was our desire to do a generational rehabilitation of all the parks using the funds from the BABS proceeds. Glenwood applied for and received an OSLAD grant from the State of Illinois to partially fund the Hickory Glen project. Citizen input was received and the project went forward due to the grant receipt of $400,000.00 (refunded following completion) which reduced our overall expense.


Going forward the Village is looking at the following projects:


The sewer system design and our ordinances give maintenance of the most vulnerable portion of the sewer system to you, the resident. I am proposing to change ownership of the sewer system from one that gives responsibility to the homeowner for the entire portion of the pipe that connects to our system from the resident to the Village.


The Village will be entering an agreement with Thornton Quarry to acquire approximately 80 acres of land on the north end of town currently being filled with CCDD. (Clean Construction or Demolition Debris) The new park will be adjacent to Arquilla Park and contain amenities provided by the owner via a funding stream over the next 7-10 years.

EDA Grant

The Village applied for and received a $2 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce for development of the property we acquired from NICOR Gas on Glenwood Chicago Heights Road. This project will assist the Village and the industries that purchase the land from us to bring jobs and opportunity here. A portion of the property will be dedicated to municipal owned and operated storm water detention, an incentive to the occupants of the entire Industrial Park.

Economic Development

The Village has a number of projects staff is working on.

Theatre Property                Working with Delta Sonic to allow expansion of their footprint

Busy Bee                           Currently Bank Owned

Westside Transport             Expansion into the Nicor site

Paintball                            Baker Pump, will acquire the property from the Village in late spring

Landauer                           Entered into a Redevelopment Agreement over the winter.

Glenwood Oaks                   New parking and landscaping

Nugent Square                   Currently Bank Owned

T&J Meats                         Annexation of corner is under discussion

Morrison                            Economic Development Agreement approved


Current issues


Wal-Mart announced to the Village in December of 2013 their decision to vacate their current footprint in Glenwood and relocate in Homewood. We are concerned over the loss of sales tax revenue and the impact to our operating budget for next year. We will try and work with them to find the best use for their vacated property, but have no more information at this time.


We are pursuing an agreement with MWRD for storm sewers in original Glenwood. This $1 million dollar project will fund storm sewers on Glenwood Avenue to School Street. The Village and MWRD are also working on a flood relief project at Thorn Creek along with the Illinois Department of Transportation; IDOT will be working to raise 187th Street and the affected bridges out of the 100 year flood plain. The project is also proposed to resolve the repetitive overbank flooding of homes in the Manor. This project will require extensive earth moving and will be coordinated with the EDA Grant project to help reduce costs.

Glenwood Plaza

Our litigation with the ownership is continuing despite numerous attempts to settle our issues. Trial is expected to occur in the fall, you will be notified of the dates.

394 & Glenwood-Dyer Road

There is renewed interest in the property southwest of the interchange. A developer is in the process of obtaining options on the property and hopefully with the Illiana Tollway and the 3rd airport the land will finally be developed.