Mayor's Message-Fall 2013



Summer is over, the children are back to school and I am wondering where the time went!  The Village once again had a very successful season at Glenwoodie Golf Course thus far.

Public Works was able to finish the storm water outfall in Sweet Woods that serves the Forest Subdivision.  Public Works completed this project with the gracious cooperation of the Kleidon Family on Maple Drive.  They allowed us access to the Forest Preserve via their driveway and garage and saved us thousands of dollars.  

The Village thanks them again.

Work has also commenced once again on Hickory Glen Park and we are expecting to see completion this fall.  Our budget on this project exceeded expectations due to the commitments we made to the State and with input from you, the citizens of the Village.  To provide funds to complete the project, we are earmarking revenue from the redevelopment of the paintball facility on Glenwood/Chicago Heights Road to the park.  There will be more information on this project in the next newsletter.  We are very excited about the addition of a new manufacturing facility in the building.

Glenwood has received tentative approval of a grant from the US Department of Commerce, EDA for 2 million dollars to develop the footprint of the former Nicor property.  This is a 50% match but allows us to develop the site and provide more opportunity for jobs in this region.  I stress region vs. Glenwood because it is our position that forcing jobs created in Glenwood to be reserved for our residents, regardless of their qualifications, is an absurd undertaking.  Glenwood residents are encouraged to apply but must also meet the qualifications to be considered for these new positions.  We try to inform you via the newsletter of all the new business and employment opportunities in the region in the hope that our residents receive the necessary training to meet the needs of these business expansions.

We have a new business in town, Jen-Care at Holbrook Road and Halsted Street that provides healthcare to seniors in the area.  This beautiful facility is open to serve seniors from the area and I encourage you to visit the facility soon.

We have reached a tentative agreement with Chicago Heights for a new water contract that once again will require an increase in water rates.  The actions taken by the City of Chicago regarding water rates have affected every suburban community that uses Lake Michigan for their water supply.  Hammond has made it their position to charge 88% of Chicago’s rate and that means increases to us whenever the Chicago City Council raises Chicago’s rate!

Glenwood’s original position on the joint distribution line from Hammond was one of a partnership with the City of Chicago Heights.  We felt our position was legally defensible but have agreed to become customers.  An ownership position would have required Glenwood to place in reserve our proportional share of the cost to replace and/or repair the line.  Instead of paying into a depreciation fund, we will pay a set rate that adjusts for inflation for the delivery of lake water for a 20-year period.

This decision was a difficult one to make for me.  I have been following the issue with this water line since 1997 and I originally believed the language in the contract would suffice to protect us from any additional increases.  However, correspondence from Village Attorneys dating back to the 1980 have identified contract deficiencies and left us with little in the way of options.  There will be more information on this subject in your water bills.

The litigation of the Glenwood Plaza continues.  We met with the Judge presiding over the case but could not reach an agreement to avoid a court decision.  The separate issue regarding demolition of the former bowling alley is continuing in the Circuit Court.  We are all hoping that both of these issues will be resolved soon.

The Staff at the Village is continuously working to protect your interests.  As always, Villagers are welcomed to come in and discuss anything about the items discussed in my articles with Village Staff or me.