RFP - Information Technology Managed Services


REVISION LOG 02/10/2020


Section I: Request for Proposal

The Village of Glenwood is seeking proposals from qualified firms for information technology (IT) support services for the operation, management and maintenance of the Village’s computer network and systems (hardware, software and network connectivity).  As well, to monitor and provide necessary support for Allworx Telephone System.

Section II: Introduction

The Village of Glenwood is a highly respected, close-knit suburban community located 25 miles south of the City of Chicago.  The Village understands the importance of having effective IT infrastructure in place for security and continued progress.

The Village’s IT functions are currently managed by a consultant. Implementation and installation of hardware and various software as well as miscellaneous help desk issues are contracted to the Village’s current IT consultants on a case-by-case basis. The Village’s IT consultants are also responsible for the maintenance, updates, monitoring and service of our current server along with network monitoring, email archiving, offsite data storage, antivirus software monitoring and updating as well as yearly renewal of the SSL domain certificates. Currently, the Village maintains 65 networked desktop computers, 2 laptop computers, 6 Servers, Police Milestone, Police License Plate/Car Video, Police body cam video and video cameras at Municipal Buildings and Facilities.


Section III: Scope of Work

The Village of Glenwood wishes to contract with a firm that will serve under the direction of the Village Administrator. The firm will provide a contracted IT Managed Service Program, performing routine maintenance and updates to the system, deployment of equipment and software, as well as provide a resource for both end users of the systems and management staff to ensure system integrity, reliability, and a strong and reliable security system. Strong emphasis will be placed on the firm’s ability to provide excellent technical skills, a strong customer service focus, excellent help desk staffing skills and methodologies, and customer service-oriented deployment. The following details the services to be provided to theVillage:

Network Administration Services: Scope of activity includes all Village network equipment including switches, routers, firewalls, access points and cabling infrastructure. Primary installation and maintenance of all network equipment; Primary maintenance including regular analysis, routine configuration changes, and installation of patches and upgrades; Monitoring and alert notifications to firm’s IT staff on failure or potential failure of critical equipment; Alert notifications to designated Village personnel in the event of failure; Manage and store network configuration information; Maintaining WAN and LAN networks; Maintain documentation, including policies and procedures. The firm will provide Police Squad Car Technology Support including docking stations, cameras, laptops and wireless.


Server Administration Services: Managing computer systems and networks to include application, database, messaging, file and print and other servers and associated hardware,

Software, communications, operating systems necessary for the quality, security, performance, availability, recoverability, and reliability of the system. Ensure scheduled preventative maintenance for equipment is properly and promptly performed; maintain the maintenance records on the equipment; develop operations, administrative, and quality assurance back-up plans and procedural documentation. Setup new users and edit or remove existing users on server. Monitor server performance and capacity management services. Configuration management, including changes, upgrades, patches, etc. Support of specialized software products as it relates to the server(s) and associated hardware.

Management of user logins and security. Coordinate repair and maintenance work, ensuring work is conducted in a timely fashion. Notify designated Village personnel in the event of any failure and provide 24/7 on-call support.

Desktop Administration Services: Perform basic support functions including installation of personal computers, laptops, printers, copiers, peripherals; diagnosing and correcting desktop application problems, configuring laptops and desktops for standard applications and network services, identifying and correcting end user hardware problems, and performing advanced troubleshooting. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all Village computer-related hardware and make available to Village personnel upon request. Assist designated Village personnel with software and hardware purchases to coordinate with the annual budget process. Create and maintain system images for deployment. Escalate desktop (and server) software issues when direct user contact with the firm is no longer productive.

Network Security: Maintenance of virus detection programs on Village servers, email, and all other computers and laptops including antivirus/antispyware software. Maintain remote access in a secure environment and provide remote access administration as requested by designated Village personnel. Additional tasks related to network security include maintaining the following: spam and virus firewall, secure, reliable and up to date Internet access, Internet content filtering and reporting, and duplicate off-site file backup and disaster recovery.

Reporting: To effectively monitor the status of the proposed services, management level status reports will be prepared and quarterly meetings with the Village will be held to review work performed, network availability, help desk ticket summary, security issues and concerns, and long-range planning. In addition, review meetings may be held to discuss service delivery and planning to ensure the IT needs of the Village are being met.

Strategic Planning: Engineering, planning and design services for system enhancements, including installations and upgrades of new or existing systems. Examples include major server upgrades, storage system upgrades, design of backup systems, operating systems, etc. Provide technical leadership for server technology issues. Make recommendations for future purchasing and technology needs.


IT Management: Provide IT management services to prioritize the work effort, ensure project completion, and assist in short- and long-term planning. The designated IT Manager would possess the most overall understanding and knowledge of the Village’s network and would maintain a regular on-site presence.

Personnel: Provide fully qualified personnel that can perform the required work under the contract resulting from this RFP. Individuals shall be trained on the latest versions and releases of any product required to perform their services before they perform work for the Village. Firm personnel assigned to the Village shall be available during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Furthermore, firm personnel should be available outside of normal business hours for emergency purposes.

Service Levels: The Village expects the IT support services firm to meet the following service levels for help desk ticket resolution:



Response Time

Resolution Time

Urgent (multiple staff members unable to function)

2 hours

90% resolved in less than 4 hours

High Priority (single system down or critical function unavailable)

4 business hours

90% resolved in less than 8 hours

Medium Priority (a single program or function does not work)

8 business hours

75% resolved in less than 16 business hours

Low Priority (Issue reduces productivity, but work around exists)

16 business hours

75% resolved in less than 1 week


Transition / On-Boarding Service: To prevent disruption and ensure the continuity of Village’s information technology operations when a firm is selected, a transition period shall be allowed to orient the incoming firm. This involves providing relevant materials (e.g. system passwords, server rack keys, etc.) from Village staff and/or the Village’s current IT firm.

All questions, inquiries, regarding this Request for Proposals are to be made to the Village by e-mail to the attention of Brian D. Mitchell at bmitchell@villageofglenwood.com., no later than February 21, 2020 at 5:00PM.  Questions received after this deadline will not be accepted.