Apply For Contractor License


Homeowners are not required to obtain a building contractor license. A homeowner upon receiving permission and obtaining a building permit, may in his own home install, alter or repair any building or structure, equipment, plumbing system and/or electrical system (after talking to the Building Department Electrical Inspector on any electrical issue), provided the homeowner shall reside in the residence being altered or repaired for a period of at least six months following the final inspection for said building permit.

Please call the Building Department at 708-753-2416 for more information.  Various forms and other documents for the Building Department are available here


The term building contractor means a person or firm engaged in the several building trades and other types of activities involving manual labor including, but not limited to, the trades and activities of excavators, sewer construction and maintenance, concrete or mason work, carpenters, metal working activities, roofing trades, glazing activities, heating or air conditioning, electricians, plastering and lathing activities, tiling activities, painters and decorators, catch basin cleaners, landscaping, forestry or tree services or alarm system installation.

Except, the term building contractor shall not include:

(1) plumbers that are licensed by the State of Illinois, they will have to apply for a license, but the fee is waived
(2) service companies
(3) rug cleaning companies
(4) pest control companies.

All contractors shall provide the Village with a copy of a general liability and property damage policy in the amount of a minimum of $300,000. 00 single occurrence and an aggregate amount of $600,000.00 also a surety performance bond of a minimum of $10,000.00.

Source: Glenwood, Illinois Code of Village Ordinances: Sec. 22-800