Village of Glenwood


Animal Control

Paul Sanchuk - Animal Control Officer
Phone: 708-753-2400
Fax:      708-753-2406

Our Animal Control Officer will be happy to assist you with issues pertaining to domestic animals only. If you are having an issue with a wildlife animal, please call one of the wildlife services listed below:

 Guardian Pest Control
Trapper Nicks Wildlife Control 
Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service   
Have A Heart Wildlife

For Glenwood Village pet license Information click here


  • Never run to a dog you don't know
  • First, ask the owner if you can pet the dog
  • If the owner says yes, close your hand into a fist and let the dog sniff the back of your hand.
  • Then you may pet the dog gently under the chin.
  • If the dog is a stray (no owner in sight) DON'T RUN to or away from the dog. Slowly and quietly walk away.
  • Do not make eye contact. Place your hands in your pockets or under your shirt; DON'T wave them in the air.