Village of Glenwood


Renting or Selling a Property

Listed below are types of inspections that the Village of Glenwood offer to those looking to rent or sell their property. Please take the time to fill our the correct form that pertains to your needs. If you need help and are not sure which form is right for you please feel free to call the Village of Glenwood Building Department at 708-753-2416.

  1. In order to begin renting out a property, the landlord is to complete the Annual Rental Inspection form, Landlord License Agreement, & Crime Free Addendum before an inspection can be scheduled.

  2. The Village will not accept partial paperwork; rental inspections can not be scheduled until all paperwork has been completed in its entirety.

  3. The Village WILL NOT inspect vacant properties without an existing or prospective tenant on file. Only landlords with tenants will be allowed to schedule an inspection.    

Annual Residential Rental Inspection Application 

Annual Commercial Rental Inspection Application 

Landlord License Application & Crime Free Housing Addendum    

A Letter From the Building Director  (View Ordinance)



Residential Point of Sale Inspection Application

Commercial Point of Sale Inspection Application


A list of repairs are given to the owner after a point of sale inspection has taken place. You are given 180 days from the inspection date to complete repairs.If more time is needed, please call the Village (708-753-2416) to file for a 30 day extension.

It is important to note that the Village of Glenwood absolutely does not allow properties to be sold "AS IS". If for some reason repairs cannot be met, ESCROW is determined by our Building Department Director. Escrow is an agreement to the Village that repairs WILL be met. You are given 6 months to make the repairs once Escrow is paid. Once Escrow has been paid, you will have the opportunity to pay for the FINAL water bill (Water Dept. 708-753-2417) then purchase a Transfer Stamp for the property.(Realitor checks, Money Orders, & Personal Checks are NOT ACCEPTED for Transfer Stamps)

Unfair housing practices are prohibited by local law and any discriminatory practices should be reported to the Village building department at 708-753-2416.